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6. CARD (2022-)


From July 29th to August 9th, 2022, On Kawara's "I Got Up" exhibition was held at KONMASA The Art Building as part of the collaborative project for the Aichi Triennale 2022.


My purpose was to materialize the ultimate meditation space by incorporating "I Got Up" into the artwork "KONMASA BLDG." This was one of my goals and dreams.


Although the exhibition also faced hardships, the various once-in-a-lifetime encounters inspired by On Kawara's artwork spread out like whirlpools, resulting in a dazzling yet unseen moment.


I wondered how many exceptional individuals I would be able to meet in my lifetime.


People who have influenced me, my family, friends, and companions.


Even if these people were to betray me, the pure emotions that arise from trusting others are profoundly beautiful.


Starting from November 1, 2022, I began distributing cards to people, following the example of On Kawara's "I Got Up" and "I Am Still Alive."


The cards come in sets of two: one card is given to the special people I encounter, and the other card is kept by me indefinitely.


On the front side of the cards distributed to people, the words "THIS IS NOT A TANK-TOP" and a three-digit serial number are stamped with a rubber seal. The back side is printed with the text: "THIS CARD WILL BECOME A WORK OF ART WHEN KONMASA TAKES OFF HIS TANK-TOP PERMANENTLY OR WHEN KONMASA’S DEATH IS CONFIRMED."


The cards I keep have the words "THIS IS A TANK-TOP" and a three-digit serial number stamped with a rubber seal on the front side, and the back side is printed with: "THIS CARD WILL EXPIRE WHEN KONMASA TAKES OFF HIS TANK-TOP OR WHEN KONMASA’S DEATH IS CONFIRMED."


When the cards are stacked, holes are punched according to the serial number digits.

Instead of including my signature, the position of those holes serves as evidence of me handing over the card.


Not every day, but in those moments when I feel that a particular encounter is significant, the cards are issued.


Encounters are crossroads in life, and this act wouldn't have been born without displaying On Kawara's "I Got Up." Meeting On Kawara undeniably altered the course of my life.

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