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2. MEISO (2015-)


Going with the flow, after I began wearing tank-tops, I became a photographer.


As long as I could express myself, any method was fine.


While being an assistant, I was occasionally called the tank-top photographer.


While pursuing my career as a photographer, I continuously worked on producing art.


However, I began to feel discord when considering the concept of the artwork.


While I was expressing something, it felt superficial.


I couldn't be satisfied with that. Consequently, I became lost, understanding nothing.


Around that time, I encountered the works of the globally renowned contemporary artist On Kawara at the Guggenheim Museum.


I felt overwhelmed by the vast progression of time and struggled to process my thoughts.


How many people genuinely understand what it means to be "themselves"?


In light of the world's transience, I began researching the cosmos and Buddhism.


From there, thoughts about my own mortality emerged, and at times, suicidal thoughts passed through my mind.


Hence, I stopped thinking altogether.


Yet, unable to find a way to halt my thoughts, I reverted to an old habit from my fashion student days: pinholes in paper with a sewing needle.


While doing so, I noticed my trivial thoughts dissipating.


That was probably my first meditation experience.


On May 18th, 2015, I crafted my initial self-portrait using pinholes.


After photographing it, I discarded the paper, but in that moment, I felt I understood, if only slightly, what art truly was.


Thus, in an effort to introspectively gaze upon "myself" and to attain a state of selflessness,

I initiated the creation of meditative realms through the act of innumerable pinholes.

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