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1. THIS IS A TANK-TOP (2014-)  by KENMAX

"Masaya Kondo is dead. I am KONMASA. I only wear tank tops now."

I immediately recalled these words.

At the time, when they came out of my friend's mouth, I couldn't help but think, "What is this person talking about?" But now, I keenly feel that there was a great determination in those words. When I first met him during the internship, he was still Masaya Kondo. We became friends due to our shared interests in fashion and photography, and we began to talk about various topics.

Our conversations revolved around topics like fashion, art, and recent events, not much different from typical college students.

However, among those discussions, his talk about contemporary art was particularly fascinating. Not just about the artworks, he also delved into the personalities and historical backgrounds of artists. Even though I didn't have much interest in art, I was always captivated by his explanations.

From my perspective, he was truly an "explorer." I believe it was this aspect of being an explorer that transformed "Masaya Kondo" into "KONMASA."

In New York, Masaya Kondo faced numerous misfortunes. Each time, I believe he deeply contemplated his own life.

After thinking over and over again, I suppose he decided to abandon the life of Masaya Kondo and start a life as KONMASA, who would continue wearing tank tops.

The photo was taken in a makeshift studio at the internship location.

I don't think much time had passed since the declaration of KONMASA.

It was in the early morning before the internship work began, and I was sleep-deprived.

When I looked at one of the photos I had taken, a shock ran through my dazed mind.

"This is divine!" and we laughed together.

A photo that exudes a unique atmosphere.

It was a shutter pressed casually, but in that image, it wasn't my friend Masaya Kondo but the artist KONMASA who already existed.



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