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7. KONNANA (2023)  by yano


Going back a few years, what appeared in Shibuya was someone in black boots, loose black pants,

blond hair with a bang hanging over his forehead, and extremely long sideburns

– referred to as "tank top."

This "tank top" who showed up as an interviewer for my new job entered my world as something out of the ordinary.

Before I knew it, I had moved from Shibuya to the outskirts of Nagoya in Arimatsu,

deeply entangled in KONMASA's mandala world. And,

I was entrusted with the position of store manager at the café area on the first floor of KONMASA BLDG.


The building seemed to resonate with various rhythms.

The heartbeats of other artists and all the people who visited,

with their joys, angers, sorrows, and pleasures, all seemed to harmonize with the building.

There was not just beauty there but also a presence of beastly nature. At times,

when he faced these, it felt as if he might be obliterated.


However, in such circumstances, he continued to release artwork after artwork, persisting in life.

His creations, declaring "living is art," were indeed human-like, warm, and beautiful.

Time passed, and before I knew it, that interviewer from that day had become KONNANA.

It was life-sized.


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