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8. KONMEMO (2023-)

sns3 copy.jpg

As the challenges faced in the KONMASA The Art Building subsided, I began to contemplate my own death.

If I were to stop wearing the tank-top, it would signify the death of "KONMASA."


Having gone through various experiences, I once again realized that in the end, there was nothing left but the "tank-top."


Only the husk of the tank-top continued to speak of the existence of "KONMASA."

Starting from January 1, 2023, I spent each day wearing the same tank-top, recording my presence with an iPhone.


The tank-top I wore had "THIS IS A TANK-TOP" handwritten on it, along with a serial number below it.


The maximum wear period for a single tank-top was 99 days. Upon completing 99 days, it would be marked as "SUCCESS." If I forgot to record, it would be marked as "FAILURE." At that point, I would switch to the next numbered tank-top, and the cycle would repeat.


The tank-top that had served its time would be sewn onto a blank canvas, with a paper record of the duration it was worn affixed to the back.


The sounds within the videos that documented each day's tank-top were generated from KONMASA's physical actions—sounds of breathing, hand-clasping, footsteps, and even internal body sounds were recorded and mixed.

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