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9. MEISO∞TANK-TOPS (2023-)  by Chiaki Dosho


I don't know Masaya Kondo.

The first time I met him, he introduced himself as Konmasa, the owner of a gallery and seemingly a contemporary art artist?

He was a distinctive young man wearing a tank top, with long blond sideburns.

Did he tailor the conversation to suit my understanding?

We started with simple discussions about art.

It slowly spread, branches intertwined, forming a magnificent tree, and gradually,

it expanded deeper and deeper. His words, spoken in a straightforward manner,

seeped into my frozen mind like water soaking into parched earth,

unfreezing and dissolving without my noticing.


Before I knew it, he had become the artist [KONMASA] in my eyes.

Did [KONMASA]'s conceptual works begin with countless needle holes?

When seeing such a vast number of holes, I can't help but wonder how long it took to make them.

During the time he was making these holes, how much of it was spent in a state of emptiness, immersed in meditation?

Similarly, when I spend extended periods creating fiber art pieces using a sewing machine,

I feel like I'm undergoing a monk's training—experiencing moments of meditation where I think of nothing.


During these times, I feel as though I'm in another world,

a sensation that reminds me of being in a meditation room.



In MEISO ∞ TANK-TOPS (2023-), artworks capturing the imagery of shoji crafted from Japanese paper and wood are being showcased.

This idea originated from a childhood memory of piercing a hole in the shoji at his grandfather's house and getting scolded for it.


The very first piece, 001, I've heard, started from just a single needle hole.

After spending a long time puncturing holes, he decided to start once again from the world of one needle hole.

I can't help but wonder how [KONMASA's] thoughts, refined through deep contemplation, transformed and led him to this stage.

This artwork started with just one needle hole and expanded to 9999 holes,

forming the shape of a Tank-Top that seems to emerge from the mist.


I proposed to "KONMASA" that he opens one hole in this artwork using his finger, just like in the old days.

It's something allowed in contemporary art. Simultaneously,

it's a collaboration with a contemporary art artist, my proposal and "KONMASA's" action.

It will truly become a one-of-a-kind contemporary art piece in this world. (Lol)

Chiaki Dosho

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