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3. SIDEBURNS (2018-)  by Kenichi Nishida Ramsøe

I am his hairstylist.

How many years have I been in charge of KONMASA's hairstyle?

My first encounter with him was in New York. Describing him is not easy.

It's impossible to express his unique worldview and character in just a single word.

The depth of KONMASA as a person, his compassion, sensitivity, strong beliefs,

ability to learn from the past, and sense of humor.

And as an artist, he always has these passionate ideas.

The unique perspectives and approaches that are distinctively KONMASA often catch you off guard in a good way,

and his style is incredibly contemporary.

He stands out from both angles and is filled with unparalleled charm.

How can one aptly describe the artworks born from his kind-hearted nature and avant-garde artistic sense?

It's a blend of intricacy and bold punk sensibility, perhaps. At times,

it can be difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Perhaps because I know KONMASA as a person, his worldview always curiously and effortlessly aligns with mine.

It's a great joy to be able to understand and enjoy what this artist wants to express, their messages, and their worldview.

It's not something that everyone can understand. I feel truly lucky to have become friends with KONMASA.

It's something irreplaceable in my life, and when I look back on my life,

the time spent with him will undoubtedly be one of the highlights.

The hair artworks I created with him are all masterpieces,

and there are a total of five hair lookbooks centered around the theme of mugshots.

Now, the inspiration for our works often comes from what we sometimes refer to as "consumption"

– not by opening Google Maps but rather from wandering through the city.

While having aimless conversations and becoming exhausted,

we would always absorb something from both nature and the streets.

There were times when we walked as much as 20 kilometers in a single day.

Together, we roamed endlessly through the grid-like streets of Manhattan,

finding ample inspiration and lessons along the way.

During our "consumption," we often visited the Jewish communities of

Williamsburg and Borough Park in New York.

This area is inhabited solely by Jews known as the "Ultra-Orthodox,"

giving an overwhelming awe as if entering a forbidden territory.

This encounter with the Jewish community became the genesis of KONMASA's SIDEBURNS.

For religious reasons, they adopt a unique hairstyle where they shave their heads but leave only the long sideburns intact.

The first time I saw this hairstyle, I felt a jolt of surprise as a hairstylist.

Wearing all-black formal attire, black hats, and that particular hairstyle.

I couldn't help but be intrigued by the Jewish people.

Their religious beliefs, discipline, and prayers.

The more I learned about their way of life, so distinct from contemporary society, the more engrossed I became.


Several years later, after leaving New York, KONMASA visited the holy city of Jerusalem on his own.

Watching them pray at the Western Wall, he experienced a profound realization.


A new chapter for KONMASA: SIDEBURNS.


The legend begins anew.


Kenichi Nishida Ramsøe

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