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10. KONMASA 47 (2024-)


After the completion of "KONMASA BLDG (2021-2024)," I decided to carry out the long-standing goal of "circumnavigating Japan with a single tank-top."


During the journey around Japan, I intend to use the dashcam of "KONMAMA (2022-)" to record my travels as extensively as possible and take a selfie in each of the 47 prefectures.


Upon returning to Aichi Prefecture, the starting point of the journey, I will conclude the trip. At the studio of porcelain artist Takamasa Sakai in Kariya City, I will fire and shatter the tank-top worn throughout the journey.


These shattered fragments will be distributed over a span of many years to people connected to the 47 prefectures or those I will encounter in the future.


And so, in this manner, a single tank-top will be completed throughout the Japanese archipelago.

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