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8. KONMEMO (2023-)  by Jantenna

KONMASA is synonymous with a tank top.

At the same time, he is both a close friend and a teacher to me.

In August 2021, shortly after the opening of KONMASA Building, I had a fateful encounter with KONMASA.


Why did I end up visiting almost every month thereafter?


Certainly, all the café menu items were delicious, and it was an affordable and cozy space.

The exhibitions that changed regularly were also appealing.

But that's not all.

Even though I'm not well-versed in art or contemporary art,

KONMASA generously shared many valuable stories with me.


He introduced me to other artists and helped establish connections.

He gave advice when I was struggling or in need.

Being with KONMASA always brings a sense of relief and motivation to me!

His artworks are not pushy expressions nor heavy screams from within.


In a way, they might be "nothing."

When he says, "Once I've decided, I'll follow through," KONMASA doesn't just espouse ideals,

he genuinely acts on them.

Even when he doesn't reveal anything outwardly, and where most people, feeling listless,

would naturally do nothing, KONMASA takes action.

There, it's not about tenacity, pride, or obsession; instead, a sheer emptiness simply exists.

Such a character produces alluring artworks,

and perhaps it's the reason why people who empathize gather and resonate with them.


I am a performer of sound, so I hoped in my heart that we could collaborate on something.

I had received requests for projects involving DJing and creating background music.

When I did a 7-hour DJ session over two days, or when I was asked to create a 40-minute meditation track,

or even when there was a mention of wanting to record the sound of the stomach,

I thought,

"This person might sound casual, but is he sane... He's really serious, isn't he?"

Those meaningful moments we spent together have become lifelong memories.

At KONMEMO, after the shop closed, equipment was brought in to record KONMASA,

who had been wearing a tank top of the same style for 99 days.

They captured his 99 handclaps, 99 footsteps, and 99 breaths.

These recordings were then combined with sounds from his intestines to produce the final piece.

I have several of KONMASA's artworks in my home, displayed within easy view.

There have been times when I've felt like, "Ah, it doesn't matter anymore," on the brink of giving up.

Yet, I'd remind myself,

"No, I can still push through. If it were KONMASA, he wouldn't have given up yet. Just one more step forward."


These thoughts have saved me countless times.

He is bound to continue doing things beyond our expectations in the future.


The tank top has taken its first stride.

And I will follow KONMASA's lead.


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