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2. MEISO (2015-)  by Yushi

In 2014, when he became someone I could call a friend,

he was already a man who only wore tank tops.

Others might have questioned why he only wore tank tops,

but I never had any doubts because that was who he was.

What stands out in my memory even more is the moment during the photo shoot

when his energy was released outward in a burst as he clicked the shutter.

I vividly remember that the energy was not only within him but also radiated to the models and

everyone moving around him, encompassing them all.

Furthermore, his photographic works seemed to project something indescribable

from within him through the camera.

What's intriguing about his approach to his works and production is

that the subject of his expression was always his own inner self.

It's fascinating to observe how he, originally a fashion student turned photographer

whose profession was to create surface appearances,

gradually shifted towards examining inner qualities rather than external forms.


When I appreciate his artistic works, I feel like I've entered a different dimension.

It's not just the countless holes within the artwork that create a world of their own,

but also because his inner self and philosophy are reflected in those works.

MEISO is a piece that,

while being a work for him to confront his own inner self,

is also a work for the viewers to confront their own inner selves,

and everything around it returns to emptiness.

Isn't it that kind of artwork?


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