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3. SIDEBURNS (2018-)


In 2018, I returned to Japan after living in New York for about six years.


Ultimately, the only thing I gained from my time in New York was the "tank-top."


Before returning home, I traveled through Europe.


From the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece.


Every day was incredibly refreshing.


I also stayed in Israel before concluding my journey.

Due to living near the ultra-Orthodox Jewish area in New York, I had a strong interest in the country of Israel.


All-black attire, hats, and long curled sidelocks.


Stringent regulations passed down across generations.


Standing in front of the Wailing Wall, watching them pray, I suddenly realized the emptiness of existence.


Living freely yet feeling pain.


Only an empty tank-top would remain in this world after death.


But while the soul inhabits the body, does the will also transfer to the material born from it?


From that day on, I continued to grow my sideburns.


And as a tangible experience of "form is emptiness," I began to cut them myself.


The cut sideburns are transferred to a new vessel, inheriting the DNA of KONMASA. As if leaving behind descendants.

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