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6. CARD (2022-)  by Nozomi

On November 1, 2022, I received a card from him.

It had a rubber stamp that read "THIS IS NOT A TANK-TOP" and just one hole punched in it.

He was always someone who valued the inner qualities of people and things over their outward appearances.

This sentiment extended to his art as well.

I felt that he not only appreciated the superficial aspects of the artwork but also delved into its core essence -

pondering why he felt compelled to create a certain piece,

what emotional state he was in when he did,

and whom or what he had in mind during its creation. Before meeting him,

I don't believe I had ever truly engaged with art in such a profound manner.

Yet, I came across the art named KONMASA.

Why does he persistently wear tank tops? Why has he let his sideburns grow?


Why did he punch so many holes?

Every single 'why' connects, turning into a line that leads to understanding.

As my grasp deepened step by step, I felt as if the expressions inherent in the artworks transformed.

He never ceases to think and is always in search of stimulation.

Because of his unique nature, his artworks are intricate yet forceful, making one profoundly sense life.

The more I learned about him, the more alluring the individual named KONMASA became.


A card I received from such a person.

A gesture that signifies a connection known only to those involved, not visible to the eye.

It's an action and art stemming from his respect for individuality, his inclination to be close,

and his value for connections with others.

When the card I received becomes an artwork, I promise that if I am still alive,

I will continue to speak of the real art that is KONMASA.

I want to share the presence that added color to my life with art for as long as time allows, without regret.

Just as On Kawara influenced him, he also had a significant impact on my life.


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